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Sauna club rules | Levné ubytování České Budějovice | Penzion a relax centrum U Rudolfa

Sauna club rules

What should you know about our sauna club?

  • Our sauna club can be visited by both women and men.
  • Every new visitor to our sauna club will be acquainted with our rules, which must comply with and accept all club conditions !!!
  • If this does not happen, which we cannot rule out, these people will subsequently be prohibited from entering our sauna club !!!

Rules of conduct in the sauna club

  • Photography and making any audio or video recording is forbidden in the sauna club !!! (unless otherwise agreed by the operator and others)
  • The use of any drugs and narcotics is prohibited.
  • In the sauna club you can move only in designated areas.
  • To equip the sauna club, every visitor behaves decently and does not destroy the equipment.
  • Pets are not allowed in the sauna club.
  • When leaving our sauna club in the evening, we consistently ask everyone to observe the peace of the night !!!
  • Bring suitable footwear for sauna and other areas with you. Take your own towels or sheets, or we will lend them to you. (see price list)

You can become a member of the sauna club after your first visit, as long as you follow the rules and accept all the club conditions listed here !!!

Sauna club rights

Any violation of the above rules may lead to deportation and subsequent ban on entering our sauna club !!!
As a private sauna club, we have no obligation to take it as a member and let everyone into our sauna club.
We reserve the right to reject or expel persons who, by their behavior or for other reasons, would be a nuisance to others !!!



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