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Our saunas

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna continues the tradition of sauna as we probably all know it. The sauna is heated by a sauna stove with lava stones, which are poured with cold water, which increases the humidity according to the customer's needs.

At present, it is in the interest of each of us to include in our lifestyle the best possible regeneration of the organism and thus prevent unnecessary problems with health. One of the oldest and most popular forms of regeneration is the sauna, which is widespread and very popular all over the world. The word "sauna" perhaps best describes the term "alternating bath" - heating in the hot, dry heat of the sauna cabin and subsequent cooling with fresh outdoor air or cold water. If we want to gradually harden, refreshing cooling is as important as relaxing and calming heat.

What actually happens to our body when saunaing?

The human body responds to high temperatures by dilating the blood vessels in the skin (reddening of the skin) and excreting sweat. The body reacts so that the internal organs remain at a natural temperature of 37 ° C. This effort is only partially successful in the sauna. Although 10 g of water evaporates from the rapidly moistened body surface every minute of staying in the sauna, this cooling is not enough to reach normal temperatures on the surface and inside the body. The skin temperature, which is only around 30 ° C under normal room conditions, rises by more than 10 ° C, to about 40 ° C. The inside of the body reaches a temperature of 38-38.5 ° C. A large amount of heat also penetrates into the body, through heat radiation from walls and stoves, from air on the surface of the skin and air inhaled by the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Then heat radiation works the most.

The blood vessels dilate all over the skin, emptying the blood supply. The amount of blood in the blood vessels increases and the blood flows faster. The heart rate rises by about 50%. Increased blood pressure supplies the sweat capillaries with enough material and conducts heat from the skin into the body. Changes in blood circulation then also cause the blood pressure to change to either a higher or lower value.

During the cooling phase, the increased body temperature should be reduced back to the original values. At the same time, the oxygen content in the blood increases again. Due to the alternation of a cold bath on the body and a warm bath on the feet, the restoration of the elasticity of blood vessels in the skin is accelerated. If a person feels the action of heat as physical and mental relaxation, then cooling causes a feeling of refreshment and creates powerful impulses in the autonomic nervous system and important nerve organs, which can be described as a small calming stress.

In general, sauna is very beneficial for almost all body organs, blood circulation and water management of the body. It increases the flushing of toxic substances from the body and the body's defenses against infections.

Infra sauna

Infra sauna - for those who are not doing well in the heat

Many people do not visit the Finnish sauna because they have difficulty breathing there. The temperature in the Finnish sauna is very high for them or the combination of temperature and humidity does not suit them. If they are healthy and their doctor does not forbid them to sauna, they can choose an infrared sauna, which operates at a temperature of around 50 - 60 ° C. The heating element here is ceramic radiators (infrared panels), the infrared radiation emanating from them then heats the objects (and thus our organism). While the air temperature is lower.

The infrared sauna is intended for those who do not tolerate the high temperatures of classic saunas and want to use the sauna for relaxation, against stress or for obtaining more beautiful and smoother skin. It is also much more effective with weight reduction than a classic Finnish sauna 2-3 times! Infrateplo has a supportive effect on our body and gives it energy and vitality.

Infra sauna and weight loss

When you stay in the infrared sauna, you burn up to 600 kilocalories in 30 minutes. The body consumes 0.568 kilocalories of energy when sweating one gram of sweat. It all depends on how much sweat you manage to sweat in the infrared sauna. If it is around 1000 grams of sweat, you will burn about 600 kilocalories. Of course, the process of losing weight is not based on water loss. After the sauna, you need to top it up with fluids that are suitable.

It is important how much energy you spend and thus the number of calories burned. In a classic sauna, sweat is made up of 95 to 97% water, while in an infrared sauna it is only 80 to 85%. The rest are fat cells, fat-soluble pollutants, cholesterol and substances such as sodium or ammonia. In the infrared sauna, our body eliminates 10% more harmful substances compared to the classic sauna.

Infra sauna and its benefits

  • It is effective in reducing your weight. Burn up to 600 kilocalories during a 30-minute stay in the infrared sauna!
  • It helps break down cellulite and stimulates blood circulation.
  • It reduces the consequences of stress. You will have a great rest in it.
  • It helps our body release endorphins, which are responsible for our feelings of good mood and well-being, and which relieve our pain.
  • Toxic substances are excreted from the body - while in the Finnish sauna you excrete 5% of sweat, in the infrared sauna up to 15%.
  • The organism is detoxified
  • It has a positive effect on the blood system and adjusts the pressure to the correct values ​​- low increases, high decreases.
  • It also brings relief to menopausal women. It reduces her headaches, nervousness and depression.
  • It increases the body's defenses and strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps with inflammation of the veins and varicose veins. Removes swelling of the limbs
  • Relieves muscle tension. You will also remove stiffness of the joints and thus the entire limbs.
  • Dirt and dead cells are removed from the skin. The skin regains its elasticity.
  • The skin is more beautiful and softer.

Infra sauna how often to indulge in it?

  • Treat yourself to a sweating treatment in the infrared sauna 1-2 times a week
  • You do not repeat the treatment in the infrared sauna as in a classic sauna. Just one long enough stay in the infrared sauna and then a shower.
  • The sweating treatment is performed at a temperature of 50 to 60 ° C for 30-40 minutes and the sweating is twice as high in the infrared sauna as in the classic sauna.
  • If you want to use the infrared sauna daily, we recommend that you always have a light body massage of about 5 minutes - especially problematic parts of the skin where you want to remove fat or cellulite. Then perform this massage directly in the infrared sauna for another 5 minutes.
  • You can also use the infrared sauna in a reversed order: first warm up for about 30 to 40 minutes in the infrared sauna, then massage after a lukewarm shower. This is especially useful for sore muscles or if you suffer from back pain, caused mainly by overload or pain caused by sedentary work.

Infrared sauna is not recommended for women with silica implants!

What does the term infrared radiation, which the infrared sauna uses, mean and is it safe to stay in an infrared sauna?

The basic source of infrared energy is the sun. But don't worry, infrared radiation has nothing to do with harmful UV radiation, which is responsible for burning our skin while sunbathing or for diseases such as skin cancer. We do not see infrared light, but the receptors of our skin feel it as thermal energy. The tissues of our body need to increase their energy in various healing processes and can effectively absorb and use infrared radiation.

The infrared sauna can work at wavelengths of 2 to 25 microns. And it is in the range of 5.6 to 25 microns that the greatest healing effect of infrared radiation is

Infra sauna is suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, it is easier to lose weight in it

Only healthy people can sweat in the sauna and then jump into the cold water. Humidity and heat are not suitable for cardiac patients, allergy sufferers and asthmatics. But even they do not have to give up sauna.

Sauna and its selection. From a health point of view, people tolerate the infrared sauna, in which the temperature is up to 55 ° C, much better than a classic wet sauna. At the same time, a much higher sweating effect is achieved than is the case in a classic sauna, because infrared heating is completely natural for the human body. The tissues heat up to a depth of about 4 cm, which has a very positive effect on the blood vessels and musculoskeletal system. Infra sauna also helps with weight loss.



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