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About sauna | Levné ubytování České Budějovice | Penzion a relax centrum U Rudolfa

About sauna

Sauna is a process that has beneficial effects on human health, especially has an excellent preventive effect. The sauna strengthens the defenses of the human body and reduces the incidence of various diseases. Furthermore, the sauna is used as a means of gradually strengthening and increasing fitness.

Sauna - when to visit it?

The optimal time for a sauna is in the early evening, when the sauna bath should be followed by sleep. Therefore, even children in kindergartens sauna before lunch and go to bed after eating. For athletes, regeneration days are included in the training process, subject to the design of the entire implementation team (coach, masseur, psychologist, etc.).

- The recommended sauna time is 90 to 120 minutes once a week.

Sauna and its beneficial effects

  • it helps destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses and thus increases resistance to, for example, viruses and colds
  • soothes and suppresses previous agitation, distressing feelings, nervousness, insomnia ...
  • increases the excretion of waste products from the body
  • improves thermoregulatory mechanisms
  • deepens and relaxes breathing
  • improves blood circulation to tissues
  • calms the heart

Sauna - before her visit

  • The sauna can be visited by any healthy person (for patients, the doctor must always decide)
  • Everyone should set aside about 90 minutes
  • One should not be hungry, but also with a full stomach
  • Before sauna, we put away all our clothes
  • We wash thoroughly in the shower
  • Before entering the heating room, it is necessary to dry carefully so as not to increase the humidity in the heating room.

Optimal temperature - Finnish sauna

For regeneration purposes, the air temperature in the screed is recommended between 80 and 100 ° C at a relative humidity of approx. 5%. Higher temperatures are not suitable for regeneration purposes

Finnish sauna 1st phase - warming up

Sauna is an individual pleasure, and therefore each of you must try and find the most suitable way. Above all, the time spent in the spa is individual. The length of stay in the sauna is quite different, usually about 10 minutes. A reliable indicator of the end of your stay in the sauna is the onset of heavy sweating.

Finnish sauna 2nd phase - cooling

After a stay in the heating room, a rapid cooling follows. Even the speed of cooling is an individual matter - e.g. transition to cold air, cold shower, cooling pool.

The process - heating and cooling - is repeated two to three times

A large number of repetitions is not recommended during regeneration. We increase the effect of heat in the sauna by brushing.

The whole sauna procedure should be completed with a stay of at least 30 minutes in the rest room. The sauna is part of the regeneration procedure, so it is important to replenish fluids (non-alcoholic). Massage after the sauna on a warmed body is very effective and pleasant.



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